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Why Choose India - Strengths

Why chose India as an outsourcing partner is a big question for companies deciding on the issue of outsourcing their activities falling under the head of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO).Though there may be innumerable reasons relevant to the aspect yet we are highlighting few of the advantages India has over its competitors. This information shall be of immense help to such companies which are in the process of deciding to take advantage of the outsourcing boom.


Large Human Resource

Every year, nearly 19 million students are enrolled in high schools. Another 10 million students are enrolled in pre-graduate degree courses across India. Moreover, 2.1 million graduates and 0.3 million post-graduates come out of India's non-engineering colleges. While 2.5-3 percent of them find jobs in other fields or pursue further studies abroad, the rest are opting for employment in the IT industry. Imagine, If the flow from high schools to graduate courses increases even marginally, there shall be a massive increase in the number of skilled workers available to the industry. Even calculated at current rates, there will approximately be 17 million people available to the IT industry by 2008.


Indian Education System

The Indian education system puts strong emphasis on mathematics and science, and resultantly a large number of science and engineering graduates are produced. Proficiencies in quantitative concepts coupled with good knowledge of English language has resulted in a skill set that enables the country to take advantage of the current international demand for IT.


Quality Manpower

Indian programmers have established their credentials for strong technical skills and their eagerness to accommodate clients. In some instances, clients outsource work to get access to specialized engineering talent, particularly in the area of telecommunications and computer science related areas. India also has one of the largest pools of English-speaking professionals.


Other Strengths at a Glance

  • Great record of software development
    Government Support and policies
    English Language proficiency
    Strong tertiary education
    Process quality focus
    Skilled workforce
    Cost advantage
    Reverse brain drain
    Expansion of existing relationships
    Leverage relationships in West to access overseas markets
    Indian domestic-market growth

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