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Privacy Policy

The online privacy is extremely crucial for any organisation and KPO Experts (India) is committed to ensure and safeguard the information provided by various visitors visiting our Web site. As an organization helping people to have knowledge about various aspects of knowledge processing outsourcing (KPO), KPO Experts (India) always ensures and implements the concept of privacy.


Our Privacy Policy assures safeguarding the interests and information of visitors to its website but at the same time, would like to clarify that KPO Experts (India) allows links to other Web sites and such websites are governed by their own Privacy Policies and thus KPO Experts (India) can not take responsibility for the security provided by such sites. Loggers to the KPO Experts (India) website are requested to get themselves familiarized with both Privacy Policies i.e. KPO Experts (India) and the policies of the sites having links on


When any visitor is providing any personal data, the visitor is agreeing to the terms and conditions stipulated under our Privacy Policy and is bound by the same. In case of not agreeing to our privacy policy, please donot use our website.


Our Privacy Policy covers the following:

Users registering at KPO Experts (India) site for availing specific services are asked to provide some personally identifiable information. The said information becomes the property of KPO Experts (India) and is shared, distributed or disclosed to third parties in accordance with the Privacy Policy only. However, registartion is required for visitors who require specific services.Otherwise, visitors are free to visit us wthout getting registered.KPO Experts (India) shall not sell or rent such personal information. The information may iclude one or more of the following:


E-mail information: When KPO Experts (India) receives e-mails from visitors, it retains the content of any e-mail messages sent as well as details of such e-mail address.


Third party websites which are accessible from our Site via click-throughs, links or banner advertising maybe using Cookies and it is pertinent to mention tha KPO Experts (India) has no access or control over such Cookies and thus do not accept responsibility regarding such cookies


KPO Experts (India) allows the option to a visitor to decide about visiting our site and it is not mandatory for you to register for accessing our Site.



It is important to mention that access to any personal account online is password protected. KPO Experts (India) will not release account password of registered users to any person.


KPO Experts (India) in order to protect personally identifiable information from loss, destruction, misuse, alteration has implemented internationally acceptable standards of technology and operational security . However, KPO Experts (india) is not liable to be held guilty if the visitor fails to keep your his password secure.


For any further queries regarding the privacy policy, practices of the site or any other issue, please contact


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