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Outsourcing Payroll Processing to India, Outsourced Payroll Processing

For any business, it is very important to ensure that timely and appropriate payments are made to employees to maintain their level of satisfaction and maintain their motivation level. The employees are the backbone of all business entities and their interest need to be properly fulfilled. In this regard, pay roll processing and payment thereof has its own importance.


The total pay roll process creates the need of a skilled professional and we at KPO Experts are here to provide this service at a cost much lesser to what a business entity has to incur by availing services from elsewhere.And that too without compromising the quality as the activity is undertaken by KPO Experts in their center in India.


What is needed is to provide data about the employees and the agreed compensation package and leave rest to us as we shall take care of your need by the following activities once time cards, after approval,are scanned and uploaded to us prior to payday.

* We complete payroll and client prints, signs and distributes paychecks
* We shall respond to employee payroll inquiries
* We shall prepare and file new hire reporting to state
* We prepare, file, and pay all Federal, State, and local payroll taxes
* We prepare employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages,adjustments and taxes.
* We prepare department summaries of month-to-date payroll data in addition to customized reports specific to Client
* We prepare timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits
* We complete Year end W-2 forms
* We reconcile health insurance payments and make payroll deductions when required
* We prepare necessary HR reports such as turnover
* We allocate payroll expenses for multi-store employees
* We prepare and process payroll accruals when necessary

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