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Outsourcing Financial Statements Preparation to India

Financial Statements Preparation:

Under this category, KPO Experts (India) attends to the following category of outsourced activities as a package or on individual activity basis on fixed charges per assignment or per hour basis.


Trail Balance Preparation:

Trial balance is the abstract of all accounts or subsidiary accounting books whether sales, purchase, cash, bank or any other accounting transaction. It is a abstract or short view to see all accounting into one core statement.

After the general ledger maintenance every ledger account is taken under appropriate heads which is essential to present any financial report.

If certain inconsistencies are observed in your existing trial balance, the same shall first be reconciled and then we prepare a proper trial balance before starting our activity.

Fixed Assets and Depreciation Calculation:

We, at KPO Experts (India) can classify, capitalize, and record fixed assets items and capital expenditures (additions, transfers, retirements), calculate and record depreciation and amortization, maintain depreciation schedules etc.

And, all above activities are performed as per the regulations, Govt. policies, IRS guidelines or accounting standards applicable in your country.

Financial Statements and Reporting:

Final Accounts Preparation:

* Profit and Loss Account
* Balance Sheet
* Balance sheet and income statement compared to budget
* Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable aging provided after each check run
* Reports are customized for Client’s specific requirements Provide a “Mock’ profit and loss statement and Balance sheet just prior to period closing and discuss variances with client
* Provide comparison in any Report or Account

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